It's typical for a computer to slow down over time for various reasons, but most commercial computers are not even set up correctly right out of the box! They have been sitting in warehouses and store shelves for quite a while before anybody buys them, so they are full of security holes. They also typically include “bloatware”, which is a gross word for a bunch of junk software you don't need! The best thing to do if you didn't consult with us about buying one, is to bring it in and let us set it up for you. Odds are you won't have to visit us again for a long time after!

  • Virus/Adware/Spyware Removal & Protection
  • Computer Cleaning and Tune-ups
  • Computer and Network Repair
  • Hardware/Software Upgrades and Installations
  • Internet Security Assessment
  • File and Printer Sharing
  • Program Training
  • Backup Strategies
  • Internet & Email Set-Up
  • Wireless Setup
  • Productivity Assessment and Training

We have many happy clients. We take on jobs that other computer technicians won’t touch.

Our pricing depends on the work. Some things are priced by the job, and some by the hour. Typical charges range from $40-$120.

In addition to our typical services, we offer businesses some additional unique services:

  • Data Recovery
  • Data Backup Strategies and Redundancy
  • Data & Research Automation
  • Company Policies and Procedures Manuals
  • Productivity Assessment and Training

Our Rate is $90 per hour for business consulting.