If you do not have a backup system in place, your data, pictures,
documents, videos, and music files are in danger!

Are you certain that the files on your computer can be restored, should your computer fail to start?  If your system were to crash today, would you be able to restore everything? This is a scenario we see all too often, and it happens on Apple MACs as well as Windows PCs, no matter what brand (Dell, HP, etc.)

If you follow the Microsoft and Apple Support instructions you can protect all of your software and data: Windows, Microsoft Office, third-party software (accounting, music [iTunes], and video programs, pictures, documents and music.  This can be done with a one-time setup for backup.

We can help you with the hardware and configure a
reliable setup so you don’t have to worry about it.

You can, however, do this on your own. Here are some instructions for Windows Vista/7/8 and Windows XP:

Windows Vista / 7 /8

  1. Find a used secondary hard drive (or purchase a new external USB 3.0 drive). The drive should match the size of your primary drive, but ideally it is 2-3x larger. Example: Main drive C: is 500GB, Backup is 2TB.
  2. Click the Start Button and type “Backup”, then click the link to open Backup and File Recovery.
  3. Windows 8 has the added feature of “FILE HISTORY” that allows you to restore individual files.  An external or separate internal drive is required to use this program.

Windows XP

Most XP systems did not come with the backup software.  Some third party programs are reliable.  Many USB external hard drives come with reliable backup/restore programs, which is easy to set up.  Cloud-based programs are available, however you should be aware that it could take months to safely upload your data to the cloud, meanwhile it’s all at risk. You should also check the plan to make sure that system files are included.


If you would like additional information or have questions, please feel free to contact us here, or call 601.849.0220 and we will be happy to assist.

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