Computer Rx of Magee officially opened April 4, 2011. However, the team of Bernie Blackwell and son Phillip Blackwell have been in the business for a combined 60+ years! Bernie started at a software development company in 1986 as a product developer. Also in the 1980's, Bernie opened the first computer store in Magee but did not find a large audience for his new passion. So Bernie moved on to other positions until 2011, when he came home to work with computers again. He started Computer Rx with his son Phillip, who has a computer software engineering degree from the University of Southern Mississippi and has also worked in computer repair, web design, and online marketing for over 15 years.

Computer Rx has helped many customers and business clients over the past two years, mostly with virus removal, data backup, and data recovery. Most people and businesses do not have a backup plan, which is very scary. Often they don't realize the risk until it's too late. Also, one of the primary reasons for hardware failure is dust collecting inside the computer. Owning a computer is very similar to owning a car. You wouldn't skip an oil change, would you? It's just as important to make sure your computer data is safe and sound.

PCs running any version of Windows as well as Apple MACs are all welcome at Computer Rx.